Shoe Boxes of Love for Christchurch

Shoe Boxes of Love are shoe boxes filled with 'feel good' gifts and luxury items that will make life for people who experienced the earthquake a little more bearable - a small gesture showing that people care for them and are thinking of them.

The same campaign was recently run in Australia with over 11,000 Shoe Boxes of Love being sent to people affected by the Queensland floods.

Join our campaign to send 'Shoe Boxes of Love' to people affected by the Christchurch Earthquake. 

The people of Christchurch have been through difficult times and sometimes it is hard for the rest of us to find ways to help - filling a special shoe box of love is a small way for us to let them know we are thinking of them during this hard time and lift their spirits with a special gift.

Shoe Boxes

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1. Join the Facebook group

2. Invite family and friends to join the Facebook group and forward the details to your networks

3. Follow through on your offer by creating a Shoe Box of Love (or two, or more!) and get them to your nearest Drop Off Point 

If you’re unable to arrange a Shoe Box of Love we strongly encourage you to donate what you can to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.


Who will distribute the Shoe Boxes of Love once they reach Christchurch?

We are very grateful to the Rotary team in Christchurch who have agreed to store and distribute our Shoe Boxes of Love.  In conjunction with other organisations who are assisting the people of Christchurch, they have set up a  very large distribution centre, from which a variety of supplies will be distributed to those in need.

Thank you to the Canterbury Rotarians, for helping us with our logistics and for being such a huge support to the people of Christchurch.

100 Box Challenge Click here for more information and to register for the 100 Box Challenge for schools.

Shoe Boxes of Love Poster

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